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So, Your Obsession With Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Is Back? Let Experts Explain...

In 1998, under the bright lights of Hollywood, a beautiful, Greek-American girl and a handsome, charming, American guy met and fell in love...

10 Maps shows Europe according to Europeans

Our favourite map maestro Yanko Tsvetkov has struck again, and this time he's mapping Europe countries according to European people.

Maps Shows when to Travel to Each Country

You'll never pay high prices for flights again after you consult these maps!

Top 10 Most Amazing Road Trips in the USA

A road trip is always an unforgettable experience and there isn't a better place than America. Pack your bags and get ready for the road trip of your life!

12 Most Picturesque Shopping Streets in Europe

Whether you want to browse antiques or enter designer heaven, Europe has some of the most attractive, elegant & historic shopping streets in the world.

Italian Police gets New Superfast Lamborghini

The Italian Police (Polizia) will now look uber stylish while catching criminals after adding a new Lamborghini Super-Fast Car to their fleet !

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin take their newborn Twins on their first Trip to...

We are sure that Ella & Alexander are going to love Lake Como!

Woman Shoots 4 people at Youtube headquarters

A woman shot at least four suspects before killing herself at the headquarters of YouTube south of San Francisco, witnesses and police say.

10 Most Beautiful Canal Cities in the World

Venice may be a really beautiful canal city, but there are so many others around the world. So, here are the 10 most beautiful canal cities worth a visit.

Top 8 Awesome Cargo Airplanes

From small turboprops to cavernous 747 freighters, cargo planes are how you get the goods you want and need. Here's how they look and work.

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